Making the Most of your Micro Four Thirds Camera

Once you’ve mastered the important basics of image capture, editing and organization on your iPhone or iPad, it’s time to stretch your legs with exciting techniques that go way beyond the standard iPhone/iPad images we know and love. In this three-day workshop you’ll explore adventurous shooting techniques combined with exciting editing and stylizing steps that will empower you to make images you’re proud to share and exhibit! Learn how to go from iphone capture to Polaroid Film in one magic step using the Impossible Instant Lab from the Impossible Project ( Explore other sensuous printing options like vellum and metallic papers.

Imagine traveling without heavy DSLR cameras, clunky laptops, expensive software, wires, card readers, and short-life batteries. With a modern mirrorless camera and an iPad or iPhone, you can shoot, edit, enhance, stylize, and share your images right after capturing them. With an emphasis on the new, light-weight Mirrorless cameras from Olympus, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Samsung, we dive into a workflow that prepares you for an exciting new way to enjoy your photography. Call for more info 518-678-7186.

iPhone: The Next Step, 
Photographing and Processing with your iPhone

Lurking inside your iPhone or iPad is one of the most inspiring, capable and fun imaging systems in all of photography. More than just a snapshot device, these handy gizmos are powerful creative tools for creating art, right in our palms. We now have camera and darkroom — all in our shirt pocket!

Liberated from rushing home to our computers, we can shoot and process our images in the field, learning what works (and doesn’t) to make our captures match our vision. In this fun and information-packed day we’ll cover all the vital areas of iPhone photography. It’s time to stop wondering what you can do with your iPhone or iPad and time to start making stunning images!

iPhone and iPhone Artistry
Creative Masking in Photoshop
International Center of Photography, New York NY                        Mar   15 - 16,  2014
Dan Burkholder’s Studio, Palenville NY                                           Apr   12 - 13,  2014
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Santa Fe NM                                 May   2-4,  2014
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Santa Fe NM                             April   28-30,  2014
Dan Burkholder’s Studio, Palenville NY                                            June  14-15, 2014  
The Intimacy of the Small Print
Dan Burkholder’s Studio, Palenville NY                                            July  12-13, 2014  
Platinum/Palladium Printing with Digital Negatives
Dan Burkholder’s Studio, Palenville NY                                            Aug  2-3, 2014  

A rare opportunity to learn these beautiful classic processes from the Master Printer, Dan Burkholder, who pioneered the digital negative and developed the Platinum on Vellum Over Gold Leaf print. This two day workshop will include the techniques of making digital negatives, the basics of platinum printing and the new methods and materials to create a platinum over gold leaf print. Participants will work with their own images and make both types of platinum prints during the workshop. Click for more info.

Mirrorless to IOS - one week
Maine Media Workshops, Rockport ME                                           Sept  21-27, 2014  
Maine Media Workshops, Rockport ME       one week                       Sept  14-20, 2014  
Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock NY               May   31-June 1,  2014

Giant prints are the rage but, let’s be honest, they can only exist on a wall or in a warehouse. In this workshop, you’ll boldly enter the world of intimate, hand-held prints that draw the viewer closer rather than pushing them across the room. With an emphasis on delicate fine art papers and coating techniques, you’ll make prints that you’ll be proud to exhibit and share. Call for more info 518-678-7186.

Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw offer acceptable editing for many of our digital images, but the serious, creative photographer demands the fine control that only Photoshop CS6 can deliver. In this class, you will master a plethora of masking methods. And with an emphasis on nondestructive editing, you will never be more than a double-click away from changing your mind about the color, contrast, composition, or detail in your photographs. If you want to stimulate your image editing skills easily and powerfully, this class is for you. Call for more info 518-678-7186.